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Saturday, December 30, 2017
By stacey dillon - stacey & company
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When we got the call that Ethan's parents were ready to start planning his Bar Mitzvah we knew it would be a lot of fun! We had designed his older sister's bat mitzvah a few years before. We worked through a few different design ideas and activities for the evening and in the end - the kids had a ball - Warriors style that is!

A message from our client

"Stacey - I love you! Anyone reading this -- Stacey Dillon / Stacey & Company is honestly the best event planner around! read more I am definitely a "difficult client" - let me just say that I am that... "CRAZY BAT MITZVAH MOM!" And I have to say that it didn't faze Stacey in the least. She's quick, very talented, and best of all, she has a great sense of humor, which helps her deal with crazy Marin moms like me (and I also assume normal moms too). She has great contacts. She know's which vendors are the best and which ones to avoid. I knew that whatever problems came up (because they ALWAYS do), she would handle it calmly and just take care of it! There are so many things that I love about her but the thing that always impressed me the most was her ability to create and execute MY VISION. I would spend all night on Pinterest, roving the web for Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Wedding and really any party pictures to give me ideas for what I wanted. And the most important thing to me personally was that she was able to make whatever I wanted (yes Stacey, I'm gonna say it!) "LOOK JUST LIKE THE PICTURE!!!" And I'm not kidding, to the last detail -- from the furniture; to the flowers; to the signage; to the linens; to the last striped straw flag!!

She herself has the graphic design skills to create invites, signage, 3' tall standing Alice in Wonderland Card Guards! You name it, she can do it, or she'll find someone who can. I never heard a "this can't be done" or "that's not possible" -- which I personally consider "UNACCEPTABLE ANSWERS" to whatever I am asking for. She would just work with me so that we were able to come up with a better alternative. It can always be done -- you MAY have to pay more for it (unfortunately for my husband), but IT CAN ALWAYS BE DONE! So I'll end with this, if you want your party to be amazing and to go off without a hitch (at least a hitch you won't even know about because Stacey will just take care of it), use Stacey & Company for your next party or event! xoxo" - Susan & The Schoen Family


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